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Troubled Waters

The Dilemma of Dams

"This film opens up a brand new chapter on conservation history, eradicating the

mistakes that we have made. The film, Through poverty, prose and site specific

arguments, awakens people to the possibility of the act of restoration and

envisioning something that once was."

-Bruce Babbitt, Former Secretary of the Interior

"Combining beautiful cinematography, touching remembrances, and

passionate arguments on both sides of the issue, this thought-provoking

program is recommended."

-Video Librarian

Intertwining facts, fiction, conjecture, conviction, history, humor and outrage, Troubled Waters looks at dams. Under President Teddy Roosevelt's use-oriented "conservation", the Reclamation Act of 1902 was born and we began harnessing rivers that previously ran "uselessly" to the sea. Ranchers and farmers were finally able to irrigate the west's parched land. During America's Depression, the federal Bureau of Reclamation employed thousands designing and building dams. Besides a paycheck, Americans benefited with cheap water and clean power. Fifty years later we're questioning the price.

Troubled Waters brings together voices from literature, history, science, politics, and religion to consider the worth of a dam where commerce is served, but nature destroyed. Recognizing that Nature has had eons to perfect this universe and its synergistic systems, Troubled Waters investigates the growing trend towards free flowing rivers. Nature's checks and balances were built in long before we arrived. Perhaps we should learn to live with them while that's still an option. Maybe Mother Nature really does know best.


Film Festivals

Mountainfilm in Telluride,  Best Conservation Film
Taos Mountain Film
Environmental Film Festival
Durango Independent Film Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival 
Worldfest, Platinum Award
Ashland Independent Film Festival 
Wild & Scenic Film Festival 

Earth Vision Environmental Film & Video Festival, Best Short Doc
Lake Havasu Invitational Film Festival 
Maine International Film Festival  
Crested Butte Reel Fest, Best Documentary
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 

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