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Released by Universal Pictures in 1978

"Wholly entertaining"



" A thoroughly infectious comedy, spectacular stunts by Tony Alva

and a terrific feature film debut for director George Gage"



SKATEBOARD, “the movie that defies gravity”, is a cult classic that was released by Universal Pictures in 1978. It is now available for the first time on DVD. SKATEBOARD, the movie, was filmed dynamically in Southern California and Arizona, and shows skateboarding on every kind of surface, from empty swimming pools to storm-drain channels.

This cult classic is the story of down-on his-luck Hollywood agent, Manny, played by Allen Garfield, (The Front Page, Mother, Jugs, & Speed, The Conversation) who finds himself in deep trouble with a powerful bookie. Manny has to come up fast with the large amount of cash he owes the bookie or face certain death.

To pay his debt and hang onto his life, Manny creates a team of rag-tag, but exceptionally talented, skateboarding kids, including 70's teen idol LEIF GARRETT,and original Z-boy and world's first skateboarding champion TONY ALVA, in the hopes that it will pay off his debt. Evading the bookies’s henchmen while wrangling LA’s rowdy skateboarders, Manny creates a mischief loving, but championship winning team.

SKATEBOARD is the first major studio film about the great sport of skateboarding. The film includes hot tunes from DR.JOHN as well as MICKY THOMAS of JEFFERSON STARSHIP. It is written with hip skateboarding dialogue by co-writers George Gage and Dick Wolf of LAW & ORDER fame.

Additional Audio commentary with Director, George Gage, and skateboarding legend, Tony Alva, is included as one of many dvd extras.


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